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An Artist A Day: Helen Grove-White

Filming directly from the natural world, Helen Grove-White’s imagery becomes abstracted through digital processes used to edit and layer the material, the result being shown for it’s own sake, as a perfectly crafted little poem whose meaning is all about delight and joie de vivre.

To see her film ‘Transforming Light' visit our virtual exhibition, opening tomorrow at Covert Gallery.

An Artist A Day: Lucy Cade

Often based on old family photos, film stills or ‘found images’ from magazines, Lucy Cade transfers photographs into paintings colour by colour, shape by shape, accentuating their reality or unreality by working creatively with the generalizing eye of the camera. The essence of a person or a moment in time is drawn out through subtle distortions and changes, reductions and abstractions. The faces recede or emerge from the haze of memory.

The mood created is one that suggests an existence constantly on the verge of an uncertain revelation, in the tantalising manner in which memories often hover at the back of the mind, suggesting everything and revealing nothing.

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